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On the fourth

CAREFUL COCKEREL TASK Equipment: four subject pictures, on three of which plots do not correspond to contents of the offered story.So, on the first a forest clearing; on the second in the yard different animals: a dog, a cat with a kitten, a duck with ducklings; on the third children play in a sandbox.On the fourth the plot corresponding to the read story in the yard a cockerel, chicken and chickens peck kernels fig.Occupation course.The teacher suggests children to listen to the story: To the yard the cockerel went out for a walk.

The success

It is forbidden to climb roofs.The release has to be observed, and violators are strictly fined.Follows or does not follow to cancel lessons on Thursday or on Friday on the eve of a holiday, decides vote at general meeting of school.The success of meeting to a great extent depends on the one who presides strongwilled or weakwilled because to hold an order at meeting in which vigorous children participate a hard task.The chairman has the right to fine especially got noisy citizens.


If children do not use these supportive applications, the teacher comes to the rescue.At the end of the game the teacher generalizes actions of children: If the ribbon hangs down, it is convenient to get a ball for a ribbon and if ribbons it is not visible, it is necessary to look for a chair, a bench.TASK LETS DECORATE THE ROOM!Equipment: plastic snowflakes with threads or small lamps with threads.Occupation course.The teacher tells to children that there will be a holiday New year soon; it is necessary to decorate the room, to hang up snowflakes.

At an engine

And now tell everything one after another, what should make the tutor and children to hang up balls?TASK HOW TO CONSTRUCT THE TRAIN?Equipment: subject picture: in the room, on a carpet the thoughtful boy sits, and it is faced by the engine and three cars with cubes, separately from each other.At an engine and cars couplings ringlets are visible, nearby ■ there are small screws with which it is necessary to strengthen these couplings.Near them the subjects imitating instruments of labor a hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver fig.

For example: If hands

Make as much as possible complete list of such situatsionnospetsifichesky reactions.Then plan that you have to make for control and change of such reactions.For example: If hands at conversation with the girl shiver, at first it is necessary to squeeze hands and to thrust them into pockets, and then to talk to the girl.Put them on a hot place Make the list of all people who cause in you shyness or suppress you.Then take two chairs and put them the friend opposite to the friend.

Each child

The exercise purpose to strengthen interaction, participation and to strengthen friendship creation of democratic society of shkolnikovekspert.Prepare materials which can be divided into equal parts in group from to children.Each child has to receive one part of the general who then will be restored by means of a kartinkizagadka.Information on other country can be material.For example, to one child the paragraph about geography in climate is offered, to another about economy, to the third about a political situation, to other participants about childrens occupations, sport and culture.

Conversations, Pvekn. aa. Shyness

They have

From grain the fine fur, the tile rooftop, fish scales etc.will turn out.Those details which demand a careful vyrisovka, carry out pencils or felttip pens.Tasty imaginations Cooking process always attracts children.They have an opportunity once again to pomesit chtonibud moreover and to try that is prepared.Hashing of salads, squeezing of oranges, stirring and a raskatyvaniye of dough and its division into slices all this the child will execute under the leadership of the adult.


Intuitive reading with attempt of the judgment read in the book.Material The book in which on one page the subject is drawn, and on another the word wrote its name.The book can be not one, but all of them pink color.Words in them simple, as well as in all series, and better if are collected in groups: fruit, vegetables, flowers etc.The description of work The child takes the book, reads the word on each page and compares it with the picture.He for the first time realizes that reads the present book, and it comes to him easily.

Give them

Expressions in the following order Smile, shouting and laughing.Now give to your child a picture of three beds with cuts above.Give them three heads of splash pools with various expressions and ask that they placed the heads in the correct bed.You can ask that they specified while you help them with procutting of flutes of century.Colors: Operate plane Give to your child the box full of color planes.Prepare color containers and place it before it.Allow the child to correspond to flowers and to operate plane in the container.

This year

This year at me will pass for nothing?Well, that is, in professional sense it will be absolutely useless: you will not get new job, after all it is necessary to plow and not to become pregnant there, and to work at an old place and know that you all the same important cannot plan anything because you will depart from affairs soon as that is silly.M yes and and, situation And here dawned on me!Why to lose this year?It is possible to pass smoothly from one decree into another three times a week I worked under the contract and officially did not leave the decree!

From the people

Chiron a planetoid of Solar system.From the people who were born under Chirons light good diplomats turn out.They are distinguished by distinguished taste, steadiness and moderation in all affairs.They will be able always to reach compromise at controversial issues, to resolve halfwords.Appearance of such people is full of appeal.All this is reflected in a zodiac sign Scales.Now about rebels!When you learn, what zodiac sign accumulates energy of Pluto, you will not have doubts in the validity of such definition.


MORE HASTE LESS SPEED The driver went on the highway.It carried by car bags with potato.Suddenly the driver sees: on the roadside the horse trudges.The horse the cart, and on it, over the same bags is lucky, the man sits.Overtaking the cart, the driver shouted to the man: On a horse far you will not leave!Unexpectedly the motor of the car decayed.The car rose in the middle of the highway.Overtaking the car, the man on a horse shouted to the driver: More haste less speed!

Similar approach

Thus, the sequence of procedure can be formulated as from expressional language competence to the impressivny.Similar approach will allow to reduce time and forces spent for inspection to endow inspection of an impressivny language stock purposeful.Inspection of the speech of preschool children Coherent speech Inspection of preschool children begins with studying of a condition of the coherent speech of the child which can have a dialogical or monological form appendix Observing the principle from the general to the particular and from simple to difficult, the following types of tasks are offered the child after , years: drawing up the descriptive story on impression on memory; drawing up the descriptive story with a support on object or according to the picture; drawing up the narrative story on impression; drawing up the narrative story on the subject picture; it is made not the narrative story on a series of subject pictures.

= only my internal

= only my internal feelings, thoughts, symptoms = only my behavior in this situation = internal reactions and public behavior Physiological reaction Whether you kogdanibud experienced physiological reactions, reflecting your shyness?Put on those reactions which you did not experience, for the most frequent, usual reactions for weight, the strong feelings reflecting pains etc.flush pulse increase unpleasant feelings in a stomach internal shiver heartbeat dry lips trembling of extremities the complicated breath fatigue others describe in more detail: Thoughts, feelings What thoughts, feelings are caused in you by your shyness?

A stone lazurite. Innokenti

It corresponded

It corresponded to one wrong answer to questions see fig.Mathematical data processing of research of a semantic aspect of reading testifies to the various level of formation of the understanding read at fourthgraders in comparison with pupils of all other classes r , Generalizing results of research of skill of reading in population of pupils of the first the fourth classes, it is possible to note unevenness in formation of the technical and semantic parties of reading.


The teacher points by gesture to a birdie, then on tapes, a plateau and speaks: Think how it is possible to approach a birdie to a plateau?And now tell the boy as it is necessary to get a birdie.TASK FIELDS FLOWER!Equipment: subject picture: a window on which there are two window plants: one blossoming, other withering.The girl perplexed looks at the withering flower.Nearby on a table there is a watering can with water fig.Occupation course.

Katya L. story, schoolgirls


Croup and fight against it At the dry barking cough it is necessary to achieve its transition in damp as in a similar state the socalled croup narrowing of a throat of Izz of its inflammation and allergic hypostasis can develop.Emergence of a hoarse voice happens a harbinger of a croup.Treatment has to be immediate and persistent not to allow emergence of the complicated breath breath.First of all it is necessary to soar feet.Well during this procedure to open the crane with hot water so that indoors there was a big humidity and warm air promoting an otkhozhdeniye of dry crusts and slime from a throat.

The cockerel

The hare cried, and then asked a cockerel to expel chanterelle from a lodge.The cockerel came, expelled chanterelle, and it escaped.Who began to live in a lodge?And chanterelle where remained?Then the teacher allows children to consider the first picture In a lodge the hare ~ sits and suggests to answer the main a question: Who lived in a lodge?Who expelled the hare from his lodge?Whom did the hare ask to help it?In case of difficulty to children allow to consider and compare both pictures, and then to answer questions and to tell all text.

At first

Holiday of soft toys Age: years.Number of players: Arrange a cheerful holiday for soft toys with doll ware, juice and cookies.Surely call each soft animal by name that children remembered these names.At first play tabletalks behind a cup of tea or coffee.Then lay all animals under a blanket.There let also the child gets.He has to grope and call by name as much as possible toys.If a blanket rather big, you can creep under it together with children.

And in one room

Minuses Their whole two in addition they such fat!The difference in six years between children confused me after all, despite opinion of venerable psychologists, it is too much.They after all will not have anything the general different interests, a different circle of contacts.And in one room we have still tworoom apartment they will hardly get on even if the girl will be born.And if boy, in general guard!That that persistently prompted to me that for the second time I will disagree to interrupt career on takeoff.

She and now trains

Thanks for council, it developed in herself ability to visualize images when she wants.She and now trains every day.Now it develops memory of software.What following step?I wrote that it should find the best teacher of playing a piano.She to learn to play as her teacher, thereby will develop the talent.Somehow time I was called by Ms.of N, she told that found the teacher.Very much it is pleasant to her daughter.To surprise of the teacher she easily remembers fragments of works.


So it for school, Sammerkhill?First, lessons are optional.Children are free to visit them if you wish, but can ignore years if wish.The schedule exists, but only for teachers.Children usually go to those classes which correspond to their age, and sometimes to interests.We have no new methods of teaching because we do not consider teaching in itself very important.There are at school special ways of training in division in a column or they are not present has no value because skill of division in a column is important only for those who wants it to master.

It was impossible

Once at us there lived a sixyearold boy which destiny before receipt to Sammerkhill was quite sad.It was the cruel tease and the destroyer executed hatred.Four and fiveyearold children suffered and cried.The community has to make something to protect them, and it should be directed something on the squabbler.It was impossible to allow that other children paid for the mistakes made by parents, whose mothers and fathers managed to give them both love, and care.On my memory there are some cases when it was necessary to send the child from Sammerkhill because because of it the school turned into a hell for other children.

The hedgehog

Right there, on a bench, the bear lay Cars.The pasha ran home behind a big balloon.The joker ran up to a bear and tied with his lace from a sphere.When Pasha released a sphere, the little bear departed up.To whom it is good from such joke?HEDGEHOG On the way to school Natasha and Angela found a hedgehog.The hedgehog lay under branches of a dogrose and did not move.Natasha lifted a hedgehog, put him in a scarf and ran home.

To what

Others do not feel in themselves sufficient confidence to make that consider it necessary.To what can lead a lack of selfconfidence even at the educated and clever person, it is visible from the story of the young woman compelled to throw Izz of the shyness of occupation at law department.I started occupations in September after successfully passed entrance examinations and gathered very high GPA which granted to me the right for receipt in one of three universities at my choice.

To me becomes

It causes me huge troubles as disturbs many affairs in which I should be engaged by the nature of my work.Simply to address large audience I am not able, meetings in a narrow circle seldom happen successful, and even difficultly to communicate with kemnibud confidentially to me: I am confused all the time.To me becomes worse and worse.Almost all of us redden from time to time, we feel how to small inconvenience and anticipate that can they can behind pleasant conversation in good society soon, learn at how to get to this or that place, or will learn to dance, the dance about the timid are inclined to focus attention on physical feelings.

Now any serious

Until recently newborns operated without anesthesia as considered that they have no feelings, it something absolutely awful and not giving in to understanding.Modern methods of illtreatment of newborns have to be seriously reconsidered.Until recently doctor Burton Whyte was considered as authority on the neonatality period.He argued that newborns cannot think, speak, communicate.Now any serious scientist will prove you the return.As a result of numerous supervision and experiments it was established that all newborns without exception remember the birth.


Inspection of oral speech and visual functions revealed heterogeneity of control and experimental groups of pupils on a level of development of these parameters.Practically at each child mistakes were noted and at inspection of oral speech, and at inspection of visual functions.One school students more expressed had speech violations, at others visual.Heterogeneity of violations of speech and visual functions demanded calculation of the generalized indicators reflecting formation at each child: oral speech; visual functions.


Overcoming of a dyslexia in these cases is based on correction of the broken speech functions.Besides speech operations, in mastering reading an important role is played by formation of visual perception with which code conversion of graphic information in speech begins, making essence of a technical aspect of reading.On existence of visual deficiency at normal physiological indicators of sight at children with a dyslexia T.A.Altukhova, A.N.

Noticed a milk

What you such gray yes the ordinarylooking?And you, Borovikitolstyaki!More harmonous to become you!Hey, Milk mushroom!On you dirt huge freight!Mushrooms fell apart, became silent.Suddenly see the mushroom picker a basket comes nearer.He saw a russula broke.Noticed a milk mushroom sent to a basket.And Borovikamtolstyakam the mushroom picker especially was delighted.The Fly agaric over other mushrooms in a basket prepared to settle.

Task Count, how many

For formation and fixing of this ability the following tasks can be used: Task Count, how many in the printed text of words, how many gaps.Task Count, how many in the text of the small words consisting of one, two or three letters.Task Count, how many words are written from a capital letter, how many points in the text.Task Hang out small lamps at the beginning of each offer over capital letters multicolored circles small lamps dorisovyvatsya.For development of visual synthesis various tasks aimed at the development pertsep are used tivny modeling of images which is carried out at first with use of cutting cards with the subjects drawn on them.

It needs

During research of the leksikogrammatichesky party we recommend to talk the protocol of inspection, where for rush Str data on the shown material, on with what material the child consults successfully, and the childs mistakes are fixed.It needs to be done for the following reasons: At the expert idea of an individual picture of defect of the speech is formed.The analysis of legal records allows to reveal character of mistakes at this stage of inspection and to plan ways of further inspection.

The most

And only one doctrinaires can claim that the doctrine according to books and is education.Books the least important tool of school.Everything that is really necessary for each child this reading, the letter and arithmetics, and the rest should be provided to tools and clay, sport and theater, paints and freedom.The most part of school study which is carried out by teenagers simple waste of time, forces, patience.It selects the right to play, play and play at the childhood; she sets up the senile heads on young shoulders.

Never give

They will easily achieve high IQ over Trust in special talents of the child with which he is born.Constantly be engaged with the child, never compare development of the child to development of other children.Each child is individual.Never give up.Consider all aspects of education of the child do not attach excessive significance to intellectual development, train in also social skills, discipline and personal development.Here six moments how to estimate to judge the child, these moments are very important in development of the child.

Not formation

Generalizing the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that now in studying of visual factors of a dyslexia some aspects are conditionally allocated: research of visual recognition, visual storing, visual attention and studying of okulomotorny glazodvigatelny activity These components make functional base of visual operations of reading.Not formation of any of them can lead to emergence of permanent violations of reading at children.Each approach to studying of a dyslexia assumes special understanding of pathogenetic mechanisms of violation of reading, as leads to various treatments of the same types of errors of reading.

If the driving

Driving feels statues one for another.The participants of game hidden under a cover should not give out themselves neither giggling, nor attacks of the gurgling laughter, other sounds.If the driving guessed whom exactly he groped to drive there is another for example, the one who was recognized the latest or did not learn at all.Live sculpture Age: let.Number of players: One plays a clay role, another a role of the sculptor.Clay relaxes, and the sculptor gives its necessary forms.


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