Practically Inspection of oral speech and visual functions revealed heterogeneity of control and experimental groups of pupils on a level of development of these parameters.

Practically at each child mistakes were noted and at inspection of oral speech, and at inspection of visual functions.

One school students more expressed had speech violations, at others visual.

Heterogeneity of violations of speech and visual functions demanded calculation of the generalized indicators reflecting formation at each child: oral speech; visual functions.

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Besides Overcoming of a dyslexia in these cases is based on correction of the broken speech functions.

Besides speech operations, in mastering reading an important role is played by formation of visual perception with which code conversion of graphic information in speech begins, making essence of a technical aspect of reading.

On existence of visual deficiency at normal physiological indicators of sight at children with a dyslexia T.


Altukhova, A.


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Noticed a milk

Noticed a milk What you such gray yes the ordinarylooking?

And you, Borovikitolstyaki!

More harmonous to become you!

Hey, Milk mushroom!

On you dirt huge freight!

Mushrooms fell apart, became silent.

Suddenly see the mushroom picker a basket comes nearer.

He saw a russula broke.

Noticed a milk mushroom sent to a basket.

And Borovikamtolstyakam the mushroom picker especially was delighted.

The Fly agaric over other mushrooms in a basket prepared to settle.

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Task Count, how many

Task Count, how many For formation and fixing of this ability the following tasks can be used: Task Count, how many in the printed text of words, how many gaps.

Task Count, how many in the text of the small words consisting of one, two or three letters.

Task Count, how many words are written from a capital letter, how many points in the text.

Task Hang out small lamps at the beginning of each offer over capital letters multicolored circles small lamps dorisovyvatsya.

For development of visual synthesis various tasks aimed at the development pertsep are used tivny modeling of images which is carried out at first with use of cutting cards with the subjects drawn on them.

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It needs

It needs During research of the leksikogrammatichesky party we recommend to talk the protocol of inspection, where for rush Str data on the shown material, on with what material the child consults successfully, and the childs mistakes are fixed.

It needs to be done for the following reasons: At the expert idea of an individual picture of defect of the speech is formed.

The analysis of legal records allows to reveal character of mistakes at this stage of inspection and to plan ways of further inspection.

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The most

The most And only one doctrinaires can claim that the doctrine according to books and is education.

Books the least important tool of school.

Everything that is really necessary for each child this reading, the letter and arithmetics, and the rest should be provided to tools and clay, sport and theater, paints and freedom.

The most part of school study which is carried out by teenagers simple waste of time, forces, patience.

It selects the right to play, play and play at the childhood; she sets up the senile heads on young shoulders.

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