Children So it for school, Sammerkhill?

First, lessons are optional.

Children are free to visit them if you wish, but can ignore years if wish.

The schedule exists, but only for teachers.

Children usually go to those classes which correspond to their age, and sometimes to interests.

We have no new methods of teaching because we do not consider teaching in itself very important.

There are at school special ways of training in division in a column or they are not present has no value because skill of division in a column is important only for those who wants it to master.

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It was impossible

It was impossible Once at us there lived a sixyearold boy which destiny before receipt to Sammerkhill was quite sad.

It was the cruel tease and the destroyer executed hatred.

Four and fiveyearold children suffered and cried.

The community has to make something to protect them, and it should be directed something on the squabbler.

It was impossible to allow that other children paid for the mistakes made by parents, whose mothers and fathers managed to give them both love, and care.

On my memory there are some cases when it was necessary to send the child from Sammerkhill because because of it the school turned into a hell for other children.

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The hedgehog

The hedgehog Right there, on a bench, the bear lay Cars.

The pasha ran home behind a big balloon.

The joker ran up to a bear and tied with his lace from a sphere.

When Pasha released a sphere, the little bear departed up.

To whom it is good from such joke?

HEDGEHOG On the way to school Natasha and Angela found a hedgehog.

The hedgehog lay under branches of a dogrose and did not move.

Natasha lifted a hedgehog, put him in a scarf and ran home.

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To what

To what Others do not feel in themselves sufficient confidence to make that consider it necessary.

To what can lead a lack of selfconfidence even at the educated and clever person, it is visible from the story of the young woman compelled to throw Izz of the shyness of occupation at law department.

I started occupations in September after successfully passed entrance examinations and gathered very high GPA which granted to me the right for receipt in one of three universities at my choice.

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To me becomes

To me becomes It causes me huge troubles as disturbs many affairs in which I should be engaged by the nature of my work.

Simply to address large audience I am not able, meetings in a narrow circle seldom happen successful, and even difficultly to communicate with kemnibud confidentially to me: I am confused all the time.

To me becomes worse and worse.

Almost all of us redden from time to time, we feel how to small inconvenience and anticipate that can they can behind pleasant conversation in good society soon, learn at how to get to this or that place, or will learn to dance, the dance about the timid are inclined to focus attention on physical feelings.

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Now any serious

Now any serious Until recently newborns operated without anesthesia as considered that they have no feelings, it something absolutely awful and not giving in to understanding.

Modern methods of illtreatment of newborns have to be seriously reconsidered.

Until recently doctor Burton Whyte was considered as authority on the neonatality period.

He argued that newborns cannot think, speak, communicate.

Now any serious scientist will prove you the return.

As a result of numerous supervision and experiments it was established that all newborns without exception remember the birth.

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