Katya L. story, schoolgirls

Katya L. story, schoolgirls In control group of of pupils, and in experimental had a high index of a pronominalization.

Very low index of a pronominalization is noted at of school students of control and of pupils of experimental group.

Lets give examples of monological stories of children with a high and low index of a pronominalization.

Katya L.

story, schoolgirls of the first class control group: The cat walked also the second walked.

They saw a sparrow and wanted to eat him.

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Treatment Croup and fight against it At the dry barking cough it is necessary to achieve its transition in damp as in a similar state the socalled croup narrowing of a throat of Izz of its inflammation and allergic hypostasis can develop.

Emergence of a hoarse voice happens a harbinger of a croup.

Treatment has to be immediate and persistent not to allow emergence of the complicated breath breath.

First of all it is necessary to soar feet.

Well during this procedure to open the crane with hot water so that indoors there was a big humidity and warm air promoting an otkhozhdeniye of dry crusts and slime from a throat.

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The cockerel

The cockerel The hare cried, and then asked a cockerel to expel chanterelle from a lodge.

The cockerel came, expelled chanterelle, and it escaped.

Who began to live in a lodge?

And chanterelle where remained?

Then the teacher allows children to consider the first picture In a lodge the hare ~ sits and suggests to answer the main a question: Who lived in a lodge?

Who expelled the hare from his lodge?

Whom did the hare ask to help it?

In case of difficulty to children allow to consider and compare both pictures, and then to answer questions and to tell all text.

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At first

At first Holiday of soft toys Age: years.

Number of players: Arrange a cheerful holiday for soft toys with doll ware, juice and cookies.

Surely call each soft animal by name that children remembered these names.

At first play tabletalks behind a cup of tea or coffee.

Then lay all animals under a blanket.

There let also the child gets.

He has to grope and call by name as much as possible toys.

If a blanket rather big, you can creep under it together with children.

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And in one room

And in one room Minuses Their whole two in addition they such fat!

The difference in six years between children confused me after all, despite opinion of venerable psychologists, it is too much.

They after all will not have anything the general different interests, a different circle of contacts.

And in one room we have still tworoom apartment they will hardly get on even if the girl will be born.

And if boy, in general guard!

That that persistently prompted to me that for the second time I will disagree to interrupt career on takeoff.

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She and now trains

She and now trains Thanks for council, it developed in herself ability to visualize images when she wants.

She and now trains every day.

Now it develops memory of software.

What following step?

I wrote that it should find the best teacher of playing a piano.

She to learn to play as her teacher, thereby will develop the talent.

Somehow time I was called by Ms.

of N, she told that found the teacher.

Very much it is pleasant to her daughter.

To surprise of the teacher she easily remembers fragments of works.

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