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This year

This year This year at me will pass for nothing?

Well, that is, in professional sense it will be absolutely useless: you will not get new job, after all it is necessary to plow and not to become pregnant there, and to work at an old place and know that you all the same important cannot plan anything because you will depart from affairs soon as that is silly.

M yes and and, situation And here dawned on me!

Why to lose this year?

It is possible to pass smoothly from one decree into another three times a week I worked under the contract and officially did not leave the decree!

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From the people

From the people Chiron a planetoid of Solar system.

From the people who were born under Chirons light good diplomats turn out.

They are distinguished by distinguished taste, steadiness and moderation in all affairs.

They will be able always to reach compromise at controversial issues, to resolve halfwords.

Appearance of such people is full of appeal.

All this is reflected in a zodiac sign Scales.

Now about rebels!

When you learn, what zodiac sign accumulates energy of Pluto, you will not have doubts in the validity of such definition.

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Overtaking MORE HASTE LESS SPEED The driver went on the highway.

It carried by car bags with potato.

Suddenly the driver sees: on the roadside the horse trudges.

The horse the cart, and on it, over the same bags is lucky, the man sits.

Overtaking the cart, the driver shouted to the man: On a horse far you will not leave!

Unexpectedly the motor of the car decayed.

The car rose in the middle of the highway.

Overtaking the car, the man on a horse shouted to the driver: More haste less speed!

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Similar approach

Similar approach Thus, the sequence of procedure can be formulated as from expressional language competence to the impressivny.

Similar approach will allow to reduce time and forces spent for inspection to endow inspection of an impressivny language stock purposeful.

Inspection of the speech of preschool children Coherent speech Inspection of preschool children begins with studying of a condition of the coherent speech of the child which can have a dialogical or monological form appendix Observing the principle from the general to the particular and from simple to difficult, the following types of tasks are offered the child after , years: drawing up the descriptive story on impression on memory; drawing up the descriptive story with a support on object or according to the picture; drawing up the narrative story on impression; drawing up the narrative story on the subject picture; it is made not the narrative story on a series of subject pictures.

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= only my internal

= only my internal = only my internal feelings, thoughts, symptoms = only my behavior in this situation = internal reactions and public behavior Physiological reaction Whether you kogdanibud experienced physiological reactions, reflecting your shyness?

Put on those reactions which you did not experience, for the most frequent, usual reactions for weight, the strong feelings reflecting pains etc.

flush pulse increase unpleasant feelings in a stomach internal shiver heartbeat dry lips trembling of extremities the complicated breath fatigue others describe in more detail: Thoughts, feelings What thoughts, feelings are caused in you by your shyness?

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