On the fourth

On the fourth CAREFUL COCKEREL TASK Equipment: four subject pictures, on three of which plots do not correspond to contents of the offered story.

So, on the first a forest clearing; on the second in the yard different animals: a dog, a cat with a kitten, a duck with ducklings; on the third children play in a sandbox.

On the fourth the plot corresponding to the read story in the yard a cockerel, chicken and chickens peck kernels fig.

Occupation course.

The teacher suggests children to listen to the story: To the yard the cockerel went out for a walk.

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The success

The success It is forbidden to climb roofs.

The release has to be observed, and violators are strictly fined.

Follows or does not follow to cancel lessons on Thursday or on Friday on the eve of a holiday, decides vote at general meeting of school.

The success of meeting to a great extent depends on the one who presides strongwilled or weakwilled because to hold an order at meeting in which vigorous children participate a hard task.

The chairman has the right to fine especially got noisy citizens.

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Occupation If children do not use these supportive applications, the teacher comes to the rescue.

At the end of the game the teacher generalizes actions of children: If the ribbon hangs down, it is convenient to get a ball for a ribbon and if ribbons it is not visible, it is necessary to look for a chair, a bench.


Equipment: plastic snowflakes with threads or small lamps with threads.

Occupation course.

The teacher tells to children that there will be a holiday New year soon; it is necessary to decorate the room, to hang up snowflakes.

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At an engine

At an engine And now tell everything one after another, what should make the tutor and children to hang up balls?


Equipment: subject picture: in the room, on a carpet the thoughtful boy sits, and it is faced by the engine and three cars with cubes, separately from each other.

At an engine and cars couplings ringlets are visible, nearby ■ there are small screws with which it is necessary to strengthen these couplings.

Near them the subjects imitating instruments of labor a hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver fig.

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For example: If hands

For example: If hands Make as much as possible complete list of such situatsionnospetsifichesky reactions.

Then plan that you have to make for control and change of such reactions.

For example: If hands at conversation with the girl shiver, at first it is necessary to squeeze hands and to thrust them into pockets, and then to talk to the girl.

Put them on a hot place Make the list of all people who cause in you shyness or suppress you.

Then take two chairs and put them the friend opposite to the friend.

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